Tera 60 GTM all-in-one dust control unit with agriculture undercarriage

Water connection Storz C52
Water consumption 500 – 4500 l/h
Max. throw at position 3 “Power Boost 60 m
Maximum throw at position 2 “Eco-Boost“ / 1 “Eco“. 55 / 45 m
Power consumption at position 3 “Power Boost 12,0 (500 l/h) / 16,0 (4500 l/h)
Power consumption at position 2 “Eco Boost” 8,0 (500 l/h) / 12,0 (4500 l/h)
Power consumption at position 1 “Eco 6,0 (500 l/h) / 10,0 (4500 l/h)
Generator Dehaco ECO Power generator 15ME
Power generator 16 kVA 400V 60Hz 1800 RPM
Fuel generator Diesel
Electric rotation adjustment 0-240°
Electric height adjustment (angle + 50 ° / -25 °) 75°
Dimensions (lxwxh) 1541x1061x1747 mm
Weight 2375 kg


The GTM is independent of power and water supply. If required, the machine can also be connected to the local water supply.

Of course, the function of the Tera 60 GTM is based on a targeted distribution of a fine water spray to which dust particles adhere. Conventional nozzles require a lot of maintenance, as they get clogged up by lime particles in the water. The Tera 60 GTM deals with this problem once and for all, by using the Demto-Rotor® spray head in which the lime particles are unable to settle.

The size of the drops can be adjusted and, moreover, the Tera uses water sparingly, resulting in a maximum result with a low consumption!

The frame is built for heavy loads and has been provided with an integrated water tank. This water tank is placed low and has been provided with anti-motion baffles. This ensures the best possible weight distribution when moving the mobile unit. In this way, the load on the towing vehicle is as low as possible and a more stable road holding is ensured.

The Tera 60 GTM is also available without agriculture undercarriage and can be found in this brochure as the Tera 60 GTX. The GTX is just as complete as the GTM but comes without an agriculture undercarriage, drawbar and support legs.

Brochure/Tera 60 GTM and GTX