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Tera 60 Dust control unit

Weight 514 kg
Water connection Storz C52
Water consumption 500 – 4500 l/h
Max. throw 60 m
Ideal water supply pressure 3 bar
Power consumption in position 3 (Power Boost) 12,0 kW (500l/h) / 16,0 kW (4500 l/h)
Voltage 400 V
Current 63 A
Rotation adjustment 0 – 335°
Tilt angle 75°
Dimensions of standard Tera (LxWxH) 1541 x 1061 x 1747 mm
Dimensions including foot bracket (LxWxH) 1004 x 1061 x 200 mm


The Dehaco Tera, which is a champion in dust control, works by projecting a fine spray of water which binds to harmful lime scales. Conventional nozzles require a lot of maintenance because they are prone to clogging by lime particles in water uses. The Tera has no such problems in this area, thanks to the revolutionary Demto-Rotor spray head, which lime particles cannot adhere to.

The droplets size, water consumption and throw are all adjustable making the Tera suitable for every application.

The Tera can be mounted on a Dehaco agricultural chassis, or RDW-approved (road legal) single-axle or twin-axle trailer, depending on the weight of the unit and accessories.

Brochure/Tera 400V